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About Primrose Health Solutions (PHS)

Primrose Health Solutions delivers the best HCBS-AMH care possible in order to let the individuals we serve understand they are valued members of our communities. Every client we work with receives uniquely personalized care to improve their lives and encourage positive outcomes from their treatments.

We recognize that the individuals we serve have moved between many institutional settings like jails, hospitals, emergency rooms, and long-term psychiatric facilities. That’s why we wish to promote their recovery with a comprehensive array of services to allow for successful reintegration into their chosen communities. The Person Centered Recovery Plan (PCRP) is the collaborative process utilized by the Recovery Manager (RM) and directed by the individual, to create the Individual Recovery Plan (IRP). PCRP uses a recovery orientation and team approach that includes the individual, formal supports, and natural supports to best support the individual’s recovery and goals and support to ensure that the individual directs the process to the maximum extent possible, and is enabled to make informed choices and decisions.

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By working as advocates for our clients’ recovery and transition back into normal life, we hope to help eliminate the stigma of mental illness and other disabilities one individual at a time. We partner closely with mental health service providers to ensure each of our clients’ needs are fully met.

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One in four adults or roughly 60 million Americans live with mental illness in their lives. It’s time to provide support, educate our peers, and end the stigma. As the largest Home and Community Based Service – Adult Mental Health (HBCS-AMH) provider in the state of Texas, Primrose Health Solutions is proud of the impact we make in the lives of the individuals in our care, their families, and communities at large.

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