Resources for Families, Courts, Attorneys, Legal Authorized Representatives (LAR), Probation Officers, Case Managers, Local Mental Health Authorities (LMHA), Jails, Emergency Room Departments, Longterm Hospitalization, Crisis Centers, Shelters, and members of the community that often need assistance in providing the highest quality care for their recovery. At PHS, we provide benefits for families taking care of our clients, including detailed information, financial support, connections within our network of experts, and family counseling services.

Our goal through providing these benefits is to help families promote the recovery and long-term mental health of our clients. We work to raise awareness and foster understanding of the issues our clients deal with every day in order to reduce the stigma around mental health in the communities they live in. This starts with their families.

The flexibility of our resources are designed to meet our clients’ individualized needs that cannot be addressed through other means. We want to increase our clients’ quality of life and help them function as complete members of their communities. That is what makes empowering so important to us – by educating, aiding, and working alongside the individuals we serve in their own homes.

If you simply want to learn more about how you can provide the support necessary to enable someone you know who is struggling with a mental illness to succeed in their specific situation, contact Primrose Health Solutions (PHS) today.

“I really like this program, I am finding out they can do new things for me all the
time the other program just raised my rent every month”.