Recovery Management Services

Our Recovery Managers (RM) coordinate, link, advocate, monitor, and make referrals for each of our clients. We understand the best ways to leverage appropriate community resources to get our clients what they need, when they need it.

Using the Person Centered Recovery Plan (PCRP), we work closely with our clients to learn their specific needs and provide them with a means to help them achieve their personal goals. Recovery management includes services to assist our clients in gaining access to needed Medicaid services; as well as medical, social, educational, and other resources regardless of funding sources. RMs are responsible for monitoring the provision of services included in the Individual Recovery Plan (IRP) to ensure that the clients needs, preferences, health, and welfare are promoted.

Comprehensive Provider

HCBS-AMH services are provided in “home and community-based settings” including homes, apartments, host home companion family residence, and assisted living facilities. Small community-based residence HCBS-AMH settings must meet certain qualifications.

Primrose Health Solutions is committed to ensuring a variety of personalized services are available to you, including:

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“Excellent! I am on track! I am finally achieving something for myself. After all
I’ve been through in my life, I have accomplished so much in a short time.”