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Supported employment services refer to assist people with significant disabilities in obtaining and maintaining employment. Individuals with intellectual disabilities, mental health issues, and traumatic brain injuries acquire social integration and financial independence using these services. Over two-thirds of individuals with serious mental health issues seek supported employment opportunities.

Primrose Health Solutions currently has the following positions open for employment:

How does supported employment service work?

Under this service, people with significant mental disabilities get assistance in finding and sustaining jobs matching their skills, interests, and strengths. Moreover, it also includes the pre-requisite minimal training required for a job. Supported employment service also provides employment specialists to allow the individuals to recognize their abilities and interests. When an individual recognizes his interests and skills, supported employment service then provides references from other clients, which help in job success.

Main roles of supported employment service for patients with mental disabilities:

  1. Assistance in career determination
  2. Determining the right assisted technology/aids
  3. Assistance in employment selection
  4. Employer engagement
  5. On-job training
  6. Crisis intervention during a job

Furthermore, medical care, transportation facilities, coworker mentoring, and social support are ensured through supported employment services.

Who can take benefit from these services?

Any person with an intellectual disability or mental health issue can use these resources. These conditions include but are not limited to autism, dementia, bipolar disorders, brain injury, ADHD (Attention-Deficit Hypersensitivity Disorder), depression, and anxiety. Moreover, individuals with mild-to-moderate symptoms of affective disorders can also seek help from these services. Similarly, patients with substance abuse can use these resources during a recovery phase.

Our mental health initiatives are readily available to provide mental health services and resources to take care of a patient’s mental health care.

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