Home-delivered meal services supply nutritionally balanced meals to the person’s home. Each meal provides a minimum of one-third of the current recommended dietary allowance (RDA). These meals are prepared, served, and dispensed in a hygienic environment with suitable utensils, sealed containers, and with least possible contact delivery system. Home-delivered meals are made on nutritious standards to sustain and improve a participant’s health.


Need-based criteria for home-delivered meals

A person meets the criteria for home-delivered meals if,

  • He is unable to prepare meals on a regular basis without assistance.
  • He doesn’t have access to alternate resources.
  • He doesn’t possess natural supports (Family or Friends) who are willing or able to prepare meals for the person.

Will the meals be delivered if there’s bad weather?

Our company functions in a safety plan to ensure the delivery of these meals regardless of weather conditions, natural disasters, or emergencies. These hurdles are usually overcome through shelf-stable emergency packages, volunteer arrangements with other community members, four-wheel-drive vehicles, and many other measures.