Host home services help people with developmental or intellectual disabilities find and live in private, family homes known as host homes. These homes allow participants to successfully re-integrate into the home-life and community. Participants usually include adults with mental health or substance abuse issues.

How does it work?

Host home providers and individuals using these services are matched according to the similarities and mutual interests. Moreover, service providers are guided and trained about health, safety, and service plans. Consequently, a quality relationship is established between the providers and individuals.

Though we provide customized person-centered services, host homes generally provide the following basic services:

  • 24-hour home-based support.
  • Family/companion support.
  • Communication skills development.
  • Support in daily living activities.
  • Assistance in transportation
  • Medication reminders.
  • Help in life planning.
  • Crisis intervention.
  • Home-focused case management.
  • Preservation of mental/behavioral health.

Following the standards defined by Texas Health and Human Services, our host homes provide person-oriented care and complete right to privacy.

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