Psychosocial rehabilitation is a research-based and evidence-informed treatment approach structured to assist the recovery of a mental health patient. It helps the person in developing, refining, retaining and improving the emotional, cognitive and social skills necessary to function efficiently in a community.

How does it help a mentally ill person?

Psychosocial rehabilitation uses cognitive adaptive learning and illness or recovery management techniques to help patients with mental illness in symptom management and goal achievement. Psychosocial mainly focus on developing following major skills in the patients:

  1. Self-care
    It allows a person to take care of his emotional, physical and psychological well-being and manages stress level
  2. Illness/ recovery management
    Using illness and recovery management models, a trained mental health provider makes a patient aware of his condition, symptoms, recovery strategies and potential challenges.
  3. Activities of daily living
    Psychosocial rehabilitation also promotes the learning of activities of daily living such as feeding, functional mobility, dressing and bathing.
  4. Instrumental activities of daily living
    These may include managing money, shopping, cooking meals, using internet, and many others.

Principles of psychosocial rehabilitation:

  1. Patient-centered approach
  2. Focused on a person’s strength instead of weakness
  3. Self-determination
  4. Social integration

Who can benefit from psychosocial rehabilitation?

  • Patient who seek assistance in retaining full functioning after treatment.
  • Patient who lacks a supportive environment to regain his full functioning
  • Person who seeks consistent support to achieve recovery goal
  • Person who has been treated or under treatment of substance abuse
  • Person who seek social inclusion and community integration

Our well trained mental health staff and peer specialists provides psychosocial rehabilitation with a mission of Strong Minds; Powerful Society.

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