Recovery Manager (RM) refers to the direct service staff that supports recovery from mental health issues by providing recovery management services. At an intensive level, RM pays in-person visits to the individual’s home and supervises the service staff of recovery management. He’s responsible for assisting persons in having access to social, educational, social, and other community resources according to their needs.

Role of RM in recovery management services:

The RM plays a major role in recovery management services, particularly during intensive case management. He ensures the fulfillment of a person’s needs, preferences, welfare, and health by:

  • Leading the person-oriented recovery planning (PRCP).
  • Initiating recovery plan meetings and discussions.
  • Assisting the person in opting and directing informed choices according to his needs and preferences.
  • Identifying and developing natural supports such as family, friends, or classmates to promote recovery.
  • In-person monitoring through visits which can be up to thrice a week during intensive case management.
  • Informing the persons about their hearing rights.
  • Educating them about recovery phases, goals, and planning.
  • Monitoring a person’s progress and reviewing documentation.
  • Arranging any modification in services, if required.
  • Advocating for continuity of services, utilization of facilities, and beneficiary rights.

Our recovery managers are highly qualified and well-trained based on the criteria defined by the Texas Health and Human Services. While working on the standards of our organization, they ensure the preservation and promotion of the mental health of the community.