Respite care refers to the short-term care provided by the caring staff when the natural caregiver is temporarily unavailable to provide support. Respite is designed to provide natural caregivers relief from the continuous stress of providing care to loved ones with mental health issues.

Is it either in-home or out-of-home service?


In-home respite is provided in the person’s home or place of residence, or in the home of a family member or friend.

Out-of-home respite can be provided in the following locations:

  • Adult foster care home;
  • 24-hour residential habilitation home;
  • Licensed assisted living facilities; and
  • Licensed Nursing Facilities.

Benefits of Respite for a caregiver:

Respite can be very beneficial for a primary natural caregiver in the following ways:

  • Respite can be an ideal alternative when the primary caregiver is ill and need time to recover.
  • It allows a caregiver to travel out-of-station for any tasks.
  • It gives relaxing time to a caregiver to re-energize himself from the busy routine of caregiving.
  • A caregiver feels renewal after getting away from the situation, even for some hours.
  • A primary caregiver feels re-engaged into the society as continuous home care of a person can socially isolate the caregiver.

Thus, respite care can be an ideal alternative for the short-term when the primary natural care provider is not available. Our respite care providers are licensed, and they ensure optimal care of the mental health of your loved ones.

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